Thursday, August 8, 2019

Sensei's Extra Duties?

My physiotherapists (plural) did not clear me for karate this weekend (appropriately), which is the Paul Enfield Gasshuku hosted by my own dojo. I'm *really* trying to keep my cool about it. My Sensei has been talking me down for days, reminding me that there will be plenty more opportunities to train, that the school isn't going anywhere, that I just have to keep doing what I can to get better and stronger. All the right things that I need to hear.

Having been at this karate adventure for almost eight years now, my Sensei is so much more than my karate instructor. But I can sense his frustration, too, with my chronic absence. He isn't frustrated with me, just with my situation. On one hand ithat feels even worse because it's double the let-down. On the other hand it feels better because I'm not alone in this battle.

I'm just frustrated. I want to be at the dojo, doing dojo things. Instead, I'm blogging about my frustration and hoping to glean some wisdom from the effort. It's a swing and a miss this time around, but at least I didn't just sit with this sentiment in my head. Points for that. Pfuh. EDS sucks.

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