Sunday, August 9, 2020

Saifa Kata and the Clavicle Strikes

I'm relearning to perform Saifa kata at full speed and power without dislocating my clavicles. It's funny that one of the Saifa bunkai is a clavicle, too.

PT and I think it was fine when my port was anchored to my chest but now that it's out and there are all these pockets cut into the muscles they aren't holding my clavicles in place anymore. It's not supposed to be the muscles' job to stabilize the clavicles, but in lieu of connective tissue to do the job, the muscles aren't really capable of doing both while also full of pockets. So, strengthening and toning. It'll sort out. Saifa was my best kata for a while so I'm eager to get it back as best I can.

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